Datastore saving characters?

Welcome individual developers! I saw a couple of ROBLOX games that have character customization sparing, all things considered, they can spare their character and rejoin with a similar character. Since you can’t spare items into Datastore, how it is conceivable to spare character objects as well? Did I consider sparing a table that contains the names, IDs possibly? However, I don’t feel that it is a steady arrangement.

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Hello fellow human, I am human too also.

Using datastore2 I use a data table called “Preset”, which contains the names of each item that I want characters to load with.

	Preset = { -- This will contain settings and clothing defaults
		["Eyes"] = "EyesRed";
		["Shadow"] = "ShadBlack";
		["Claws"] = "ClawBlack";
		["Light"] = "LghtWhite";
		["LLight"] = false;
		["LEyes"] = false;
		["FirstTime"] = true;
		["Fear"] = 2;

Then when you need, query the “Preset” of that player, and load the items that they’ve set.



Put all items in ServerStorage, save the items name, add the item onto the character when the character is added. Simple enough, I’ve made a place file just for you to demonstrate this.Datastoring Hat.rbxl (23.4 KB)


painful hot gluing included. download at your own risk