Datastore Service InternalServerError - Massive increase in frequency

As of 5/26/2024 around 10AM CST there was a massive increase in datastore internalservererrors that we are seeing across all servers.

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I noticed this across my games as well - was thinking of reporting it. Thanks for the report :thumbsup:

Thanks for reporting!

We identified an issue with DataStores which led to elevated error counts during the following times:

  • Sunday, 5/26/24
    • 8:07am to 11:00am PST PDT
  • Monday, 5/27/24
    • 12:22pm PST PDT
    • 4:07pm to 11:26pm PST PDT

At these times, you may have noticed short but large spikes of InternalServerError. We’ve temporarily mitigated the problem as of last night, and I’ll follow-up here this week as we roll out a permanent solution to this specific issue.

If you saw elevated errors outside of those time or continue to see elevated errors, please do let us know.

Edit: Should have been PDT, not PST.


This particular issue has been fixed. Again, please open a new report if you see elevated InternalServerErrors in the future.

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