DataStore service is saving in studio when it shouldn't

Everytime I test in studio, my data store is saving from studio. I have never turned on “studio access to API services” and made sure that on both studio and the website is says set to off, but my data is still saving from studio. The bug is occurring on this place:


Thank you for reading!

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Just add a check in your script which makes sure it is an actual game and not studio. Something like RunService:IsStudio(), will return true or false. Those things you toggled off don’t really control the saving, more less access to the saving.

Is this a Team Create place? If so, does the issue still occur when you turn Team Create off and reload the place?

It is not a team create place, no.

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Analyzed the code, found some issue. It seems to be an old issue. Studio internally maintains a cache for DataStore’s UpdateAsync. For the first request or the request whose cache has expired, it would save the data incorrectly bypassing the GameSetting checking, which is the issue you are watching.

You know, recently we fixed a bug, in which the cache entry never expires. Before that fix, only the initial UpdateAsync request bypasses the checking. After the fix, any request whose cache expires would also bypass. So, previously the cache-never-expiration bug somehow “hides” the unexpected saving issue.

Now I have turned off the Fast Flag for cache-never-expiration bug for Studio, and I will also work on a fix for that, then all requests should not bypass the checking:-)