Datastore Trello

Does someone know how to use Trello API?
To make Datastores connected to Trello
Reiceive Http table and get table? from http , would be very nice


You’d have to use HttpService, and pretty sure you’d need an api key from trello to do this.

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Trello is not the best way to use for Datastores. But since you’re using it, read this post: Roblox to Trello Guide

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Does it have an ChangeCard option inside the module? // Edit Card

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Read the documentation here:

That’ll help you because it lists all of the functions.

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Outdated tho but aight , theres newer version but sadly no CardRemove function-

I don’t suggest using Trello for holding user data, instead use Datastore or Datastore2

If your looking for someone to connect roblox to trello, contacting a developer on #collaboration:recruitment is always an option. I’ve made this system before if you want to contact me.

Trello IS NOT A DATABASE SERVICE. Trello has decreased its rate limits for Roblox multiple times because of this type of misuse. Trello is meant to be used as a team organization and management service. If you’re looking into using external databases, I recommend Firebase. Here’s a post about that: [Open Source] FirebaseService (didn’t mean to reply to you @index_l sorry). If you want to stick to Roblox, you should do what @WooleyWool said and use DataStore or DataStore2


Trello may not be a database, that doesn’t define the fact it can’t be turned into one. I use trello to not save an important piece of player data, but to save the small stuff like how many warning a player may get before being banned.

Look at colbert’s response here, it goes more in-depth of how doing this is straight misuse and is not good practice at all. Ban System Using Trello? (I'm A Beginner)

Trellis isn’t meant to be a database AT ALL! It’s just for planning, not saving user information.

I have experimented with both roblox beta servers and using trello to store data. Its not very efficient to have 700 lists on trello which then crashes the board.

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Support is ending for trello API, so I don’t think this is the best option as data is prone to get lost or deleted.

Thanks for this, this is likely the best solution ever to make banlists,musiclists etc

--//Making it tables
function csvToTable(list) -- Comma-Separated-Values to Table
	local out = {}
	for entry in string.gmatch(list, "[^,]+") do -- [^,] means: anything that is not a comma (the ^ is the not). + means: as many of it in a row as you can get
		table.insert(out, entry)
	return out

local HttpService = game:GetService("HttpService");
local FirebaseService = require(script.Parent.FirebaseService);
local database = FirebaseService:GetFirebase("Saves");

local tab = csvToTable(database:GetAsync("Music"))

for i,v in pairs(tab) do