Datastore vs datastore 2

My question is simple.
In what is datastore 2 better then datastore? Where to find datastore 2 documentation?

Documentation :

I never used it personally, the main reason of using it is preventing possible data loss.


Please search first before asking. You should consult the actual DataStors2 resource, as that would’ve answered your question quickly without the need to post a thread.

DataStore2 is meant to be a wrapper for DataStores that implements backups, caching and other strategies to get the best of many worlds when it comes to working with DataStores. DataStore2 does the heavy lifting so you do not have to write out those systems yourself.


ok, but will it worth remaking whole datastore system? Personally I never used it.

Creating a DataStore system is completely up to the needs of your scripts as well as what you want. That’s not a question I can answer for you, only provide a recommendation for. Just use whatever resources you want that are at your fingertips or code it yourself.


I’d highly recommend using this DataStore wrapper (DataStore2) if you are planning to make high quality game on roblox. Using your own DataStore might be risky because of data loss and DataStore2 is stricted to prevent this loss. The documentation is on topic’s written above. I hope this helps. :herb:

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I was actually looking into Datastore 2 and this really helped thank you so much!