Datastore2 issues

Hello, our game is having some saving issues, though inconsistent, it happens.
We’re using: How to use DataStore2 - Data Store caching and data loss prevention

Datastore2 is generally very reliable, so i’m assuming there’s an issue in our code.

Here’s our code: datastore2 problem.rbxm (19.8 KB)

My buddy who scripted this said that all the important parts are between lines 1-503.

I’d be happy to explain more if you need more information! If anyone could help that’d be great! Thanks!

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Putting an entire place file in a thread and mentioning that it has a problem is not appropriate use of this category. Please refer to the Scripting Support category guidelines for more information on how to structure a post or what to include in it at the minimum.

It would be most helpful if you provided an explanation of the issue you’re encountering, if you’ve researched into the problem (either by reviewing your code or searching related problems) and whether or not you’ve attempted to debug this code and how that was done.

As it stands now, there’s no indication of where a source may be, with the only provided information being from the start of the script to line 503. That’s a very huge chunk to review for what could potentially be a small problem.