DataStore2 Overwriting Table

So I’m basically making a DataStore2 with tables for my game for currency, owned items, ranks…

And everything works pretty good, but there is a problem, I can’t add new values to the table, let me explain. If I run a test without any saved data for the player, then, It will create the new table with values and everything will be correct. But, If I run a test with saved data, and I add a new value to the table, it won’t be created and saved into the player’s data.


Has you can see, there are 3 values in the table, but, the 3rd value (“t”) was created after saving the first 2 values, and If I print the table values now, It won’t show “t”.


This isn’t actually a problem in Studio, because I can edit data manually with Crazyman32’s DataStore Editor. But It could be a problem if the people played the game and then I updated it adding new values.


First of all. Show full script. Second of all, Datastore2 actually has a feature called Combined datastores that achieve the same thing.

More info


do you use GetTable? It will add any fields the data didnt have. automatically