DataStore:GetVersionAsync() keeps throwing 500/502 errors

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  • Note: I’m testing this in Studio, but since it’s a DataStore problem, I’m creating a bug report for Engine

I’m trying to use GetVersionAsync() to roll back some DS data:

local Success, Pages = pcall(function()
	return DataStore:ListVersionsAsync(Chave, Enum.SortDirection.Descending, MinDate, MaxDate, NumItems)

if Success then
	local Items = Pages:GetCurrentPage()
	for Key, Info in pairs(Items) do
		local Value = DataStore:GetVersionAsync(Chave, Info.Version)
  1. I have 3 DS
  2. For the first DS there is no error;
  3. For other 2 DS I get error 500:

502: API Services rejected request with error. HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error)

Would it, by any chance, have something to do with deleted keys?


Thanks for the report. Issue is being investigated.


It seems the problem was solved.
Thanks @therealbiker

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