Datastores not working across places

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I am trying to have my developer place and main game place display the same information from a data store.
2. What is the issue? Include enough details if possible!
They don’t. I’m not sure why but the amount i.n a data store prints different in each place regardless of them all belong to a single game
3. What solutions have you thought of so far?
I went searching for anyone who might have the same issue but couldn’t find anyone.

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Datastores can only be accessed within the same data model. All places within universe games would use the same ones etc, but entirely seperate games cannot access the same information unless you use an alternate way of storing data.

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Here’s the thing, the data stores come back differently unless I have the place/game configuration setup

I tested both the developer place and the start place and the data store for cash is coming back differently

(Also if I were to overwrite the dev place as the start place would that transfer everything and possibly fix the datastore issue?)

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I don’t think so, as this is a universe game the correct bahaviour would be that it shares the data stores among the places.
Do they use a security key, and if so is it the same in every attempt to call data from it?

Also, does it return ‘nil’ or an older stored value?

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Apologies! I believe this is relating to a scripting error I made :sweat_smile: . Thanks for the help!