David's Incorporated | Community Guidelines

Hello, Robloxians! This is our incorporated’s main guidelines board. If you have any questions/concerns or complaints, forward them to SolarCentuari.

Make sure to follow our guidelines and Roblox ToU at all times.


1. | Follow the Roblox ToU.
Make sure to follow the Roblox Terms of Use at all times, this is extremely important as you can get punished based on the severity of the guideline you broke, please keep the incorporated a safe place for others.

2. | Prohibited Toxicity.
We do not allow toxicity in any way, please keep our game, group wall, and the server a safe and welcoming place for other members.

3. | English Only.
Make sure to speak English at all times, if you do have problems with English, make sure to refer to one of our staff members to help you out.

4. | Begging for ranks & content.
We do not give out free ranks and content, this also counts the reactor events. Avoid asking our staff members to give you anything related to this, you can get in trouble if you do so.

5. | Exploiting/Glitching.
We sincerely DO NOT allow Exploiting or Glitching, this is a violation of the Roblox Terms of Use, and you will be facing an immediate permanent ban. (AutoClickers also fall under the exploiting/cheating so you can get a set punishment as well)

6. | Begging for Punishments Removal.
Please do not beg for your punishments to be removed, if you have received a punishment, then you received it for a reason, there is an appeal system on how to appeal your punishments.

7. | Spamming/Flooding the Group Wall.
Under any circumstances, you shall not spam or flood the group wall, you are, with your own free will, violating the Roblox ToU and our community guidelines (preferably Rule 1).

8. | Self-Promotions.
Do not use our group wall or our game chat to self-promote your or someone else’s content, you are still allowed to talk about other communities and their groups or games.

9. | Scamming.
Scamming will not be allowed in our community, this rule also counts the Self-Promotions rule as you are promoting your or someone else’s scam in our community, in any case you do post scam links, you will be immediately exiled.

10. | Raiding.
Raiding is NOT ALLOWED, you are ruining other people’s experience but also getting yourself in trouble, raiding will always result in a Community Blacklist, this also goes if you are raiding communities affiliated with our community.

11. | Mini-Modding.
Mini-modding is not allowed, there are staff members who will take care of troublemakers and rule breakers, don’t attempt to “warn” any of the people who are being a nuisance, make sure to report it to the staff members and they will take care of it.

12. | Political Discussions.
Political discussions are not welcome in our community, please refer them somewhere else, our community is not a political place where you shall discuss this stuff, if you see anyone engaging in a political discussion, make sure to report it to the staff members.

13. | Appealing System.
Use our appealing system rightfully, if you do not have a “disco” account, feel free to message one of the staff members on Roblox and they will take care of your appeal, please do not waste our staff’s time with useless appeals that do not make any sense.


Everyone, even staff members is expected to follow our community guidelines, if you have any concerns about someone or your appeal, do not hesitate to reach out to a staff member, we will be more than happy to help!

NOTE: Permanent bans and blacklists are to be appealed in our appealing server.

Thank you, and make sure to keep the community safe for everyone!

D.I. Director - SolarCentuari