Day 1: Creating Game Icons For Random Games - Boombox Hangout 3

I decided to create icons for games I see with no icons, or icons with minimal effort. Not trying to offend any game I choose, I just want to create GFX.

My first game icon is for Boombox Hangout 3 when I saw the sponsored ad, the icon looked like this.
I was inspired to make someone dancing to music with a boombox for the game icon. Here is my remake
Untitled (42)

What do you think? If you are the owner of Boombox Hangout 3, I will be happy to give you the non-watermarked version!

If you have a certain game request for tomorrow’s icon I will attempt to make an icon. Because I am trying to grow my skillset, tomorrow’s icon will be a vector icon, the day after that it will be a render, etc…


it looks cool, but what song is playing that guy?

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Idk what do you think he is playing lol!

uhmmmm, raining tacos?

if not is Moskau by Dschinguis Khan

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yup, qualiy things created by me xd.|


pure gold

30 charsssssssssssssssssss

Looks good for a remake but I still don’t know why he has a lightsaber behind him? Also I recomend to change the shirt from blue to a different color to add some contrast.