[DAY 1] Making new Ui for the next 28 days!

Looking for feedback on my day 1 project for this series!

Please leave any feedback that you may have in the comments below!


I don’t prefer this style of UI (tons of rounded corners and tons of saturated colors), but the UI is mostly consistent in that style. I can respect that.

Two points of criticism:

  • The text that reads ‘Whose avatar is this?’ is a bit hard to read. This is because it is light-colored text on a light-colored background. I recommend changing the text to contrast better with the background. (a darker color for the text.)
  • The text that reads ‘Roblox’ seems to be a different font than the other text in the UI. I recommend changing that font to be the same as everything else for consistency.
    • Edit: Looking at it again, I think it looks ‘off’ to me because it’s in all caps. The font might actually be the same.

Can you change the font a little better in any textLabel.

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Yeah it’s all Fredoka One (a font available in Roblox Studio which is why it’s such a common use for me.) Thanks!

Can you elaborate? Also this was made in photoshop, but is able to be imported into Roblox studio!