Day 2 | 30 Days Of UI | What could be improved?

Today, we’re going back to an unused squid game! Please give some feedback to what could be better!
This is a showcase of the UI. Please check out the original creator and posts:
LxeDev on Twitter
Roblox Profile
Here is the clip:


Sometimes you cant beat a simple dark theme UI. Always look clean, there’s not a lot to say to be honest.

Maybe make one of the texts pink to match the squid game logo theme.


Day 2!?? I’m extremely jealous on how much you know already. I’ve been doing UIs for a while and can’t understand tweenservice. :flushed:

Try asking for feedback for specific elements if you think they could be improved, generally you don’t get a lot of of answers otherwise. It’s a simple enough gui not much to change unless you had a specific theme in mind, a few grammatical errors “will be chose at random”. I also don’t get why it says Choose a shape and then it’s picked at random anyway.