Day night cycle Bugged

Hi, I do not have any day-night cycle scripts in the game. but it acts like there is one.

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Press ctrl + shift + F to do a global search. You have a script that changes the lighting somewhere

Your game likely contains a script creating the day/night cycle. There are a number of ways this is possible, whether you forgetting you added one, or a plugin doing it. The best way to find the script that is doing the day/night cycle is to press CTRL+SHIFT+F to pull up the find all menu, then type in “LightingService”. If that doesn’t show anything, you can try searching “Lighting” as well.

If you need assistance with removing the script/code, let me know.

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The first script is where the lighting changes. Delete it

In your first screenshot, Workspace.StreetLight.LightPart.Script seems to be setting Lighting’s time. To mitigate the day/night cycle, you can either delete the script outright, or remove the lines of code which set Lighting’s time. The first option is easier if you don’t have much experience with scripting. If you run into issues with either of them, let me know.

Thank you guys for helping :]
it’s fixed

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