Daylight Hills Zoo - Chief Zoo Keeper Info

Chief Zoo Keeper

What’s included?

  • Access to HD Head Admin Commands (type ;cmds in chat to get started)
  • Ability to keep visitors inside safety zones
  • Take care of all the animals! (obviously)

What else?

  • You may have the ability to choose to be promoted to Chief Keeper rank in our group. Message @GazilionGrandGadgets or any of his assistants to see if you are eligible.
  • You may have the ability to post group shouts and advertise this game. Message @GazilionGrandGadgets to see if you are eligible.

What must I know?

  1. Do not use any commands (without executive permission) that may interfere with or negatively alter the functionality of game assets, especially when the general public is present in the server.
  2. Server shutdowns must be with valid reason.
  3. Any public audio that you play must be appropriate and easy to hear.
  4. Always use the watch command before teleporting anyone else to make sure that they are not seated or in a vehicle of any type (including elevators). Otherwise you might bring a seat (or an entire object) along with the person.
  5. Admin abuse or group power abuse is not tolerated. For example, do not allow visitors to ;noclip.
    I cannot provide a complete list of prohibited commands here, but the executives and I will answer to the best of our ability your questions about command usage.
  6. Being caught majorly abusing any server will result in your commands being permanently revoked.
  7. This pass is a donation and cannot be refunded by default.*
    a. If your commands are legitimately revoked, no refunds will be given on us.
    b. *If @GazilionGrandGadgets shuts down the game indefinitely due to functionality concerns, he may choose to allow Chief Zoo Keepers to request a 70% refund as long as they are in the group and they were not banned or had their commands revoked prior to the game being closed.
    c. *In the event Roblox takes the game down and blocks it, you should contact Roblox Support to determine whether you are eligible for credit by Roblox.
    d. *Users who report that the pass is not working properly within days of purchase will be permitted to join the group and contact @GazilionGrandGadgets to request a 90% refund if Roblox fails to assist them first.
    e. *If the Chief Zoo Keeper program is discontinued or indefinitely paused, users will be permitted to join the group and request a 50% refund.
    f. Just because the pass may be off-sale, does not mean the pass is supposed to stop working for those who bought it.
    g. Users who are banned from the game will not be eligible for a refund on us at all.
    Valid request circumstances above do not guarantee your request will be honored.
  8. All game rules along with the Roblox community standards still apply.
  9. Rejoin after buying.

Thank you for playing

I appreciate your understanding and support as I continue my love of making experiences for the Roblox community.

TLDR: If you abuse and are banned or your commands are revoked,
the Robux spent are NON-REFUNDABLE.