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This document is a rank guide for Dawn Dance Complex: Dawn Dance Complex º - Roblox

Welcome to the rank guide! In this post, you will be able to find all the information you need about each and every rank in the ROBLOX group. Please make sure to read this document until the end to fully comprehend our ranking system.



Pending Members

When you first join the group, your rank will become a ‘’ pending member ‘’ Pending Members are waiting to get their profile checked by an admin to make sure they are not a bot, after which they will automatically be ranked to Troupe F.


Troupe F-E

Troupe F&E are the lowest dancer ranks, the role of a Troupe F-E is to attend classes & events, and rank up. As well as attending classes, Troupe F-E are beginner ranks, and must learn basic dance techniques and skills before ranking up.


Troupe D-B

Troupe ranks D-B are progressing levels. To rank up they must attend classes and should generally know basic dancer skills.


Troupe B-A

Troupe ranks B-A are experienced and advanced dancers, they attend multiple classes and are active. To rank up they must continue to attend classes, as they may get scouted to become potential future comp team members or even assistants.


Junior-Senior Competition Team

Junior & Senior Competition Team are members of the group that have passed specific auditions or that have been scouted out by the captains during classes. They are trained to attend competitions and showcases representing Dawn. To achieve this rank, you must be extremely active and talented. We expect the best from our competition team members and they should be an inspiration for new dancers!



Assistants are mainly Troupe A and Troupe B members who have been extremely active and display a lot of talent and potential as staff at DDC. If we deem an individual ready, they will need to attend one short training to be able to help out at events. This experience will help us determine if we think they would make a good staff member and will help them decide wether they want to be staff at DDC or not.
They cannot host classes and aren’t classed as full staff members.


Competition Team Captains

Competition Team Captains aren’t considered to be complete staff members but we still value them as much. They are in charge of managing our competition team, choreographing their routines and much more. You cannot currently obtain this position.



Instructors in training are new to the staff team. They’ve successfully completed an interview and have displayed exemplary behaviour. Before they rank up to be an official instructor, they must complete a one to three-week training.



Instructors are some of the most reliable and essential members of the group after our lower ranked members. They keep the group active and host weekly classes along with events.


Senior Instructor

Senior Instructors have shown extreme commitment to Dawn. They’ve been a member of our group for a long time. If you have any questions or concerns, they’re the people to ask.


Creativity Board

The Creativity Board is a team of players who constantly think out of the box. They help prepare for events by creating sets and games, outfits and much more. Without their help, you wouldn’t get the same incredible experience.


Management Board

The Management Board is a team consisting of highly capable players. As stated in their rank name, they help to manage the group. For example, one of the members helped create our social media. They mainly help with tech and other important elements.


Co-Founders | Brianna & Kiki

Co-Founders is currently only attainable by staff who have shown more than what we expect. This role is not given out often and is currently unattainable. The current Co-Founders, SimpIyBri and Kirgal06 hold this group together. Their artistic and intelligent mind has permitted them to be the best co-owners Julie could have ever imagined. There would be no Dawn Dance Complex without them.


Founder | Julie

Founder is the only role that no one can rank up to, for obvious reasons. Julie works to keep this group active and create the best possible atmosphere here at DDC. But she only does half the work, the staff team and dancers are the ones to thank.

Thank you for reading, we hope this document contained enough information for you to understand our system. If you have any questions or concerns, post a message on our group wall.

Document created by xJuIie for Dawn Dance Complex and uploaded by AureateGold with permission.

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