DEAD AHEAD : Background Lore



The world of DEAD AHEAD takes place on Earth in an alternate universe, albeit having a much different continental layout. The countries of this world are fictional and for simplicity purposes, English is the only language spoken (derivatives of English and dialects differ throughout each country).

The period of the events of DEAD AHEAD begins in 1948, with the war’s length and course undefined by lore. Note that this does not align with the technological advancements of our real-life timeline. The technology during DEAD AHEAD’s time is equivalent to technology around WWII.


Orion, Auriga, Canis, Hydrus, and Hydra.




Yishen, Tucana, Centauri, Columba, Corvus, Cetus, Aquila, Grusa, Vega, and Antares.

Separated by two large oceans, the Hydran and Centauran continents rarely get involved with each other’s activities. The only form of interaction between the two continents is trade.


Orionian (OR-EYE-UN-YUN)
Aurigan (AR-EE-GUN)
Canisian (CAN-EE-SHUN)
Hydrusite (HI-DROO-SITE)
Hydran (HI-DRUN)
Ursan (ERS-UN)
Yisheni (YI-SHEN-EE)
Tucanese (TOO-CAN-EES)
Centaurian (SEN-TAR-YUN)
Columban (COL-UM-BUN)
Corvusian (COR-VOO-SHUN)
Cetan (CAY-TUN)
Aquilan (A-KEEL-UN)
Grusan (GROO-SUN)
Vegan (VAY-GUN)
Antarean (ANT-AIR-YUN)


The state of the major powers during 1900 goes as follows:

The Orion Republic is technically a democratic country, although corruption and greed allow for the continuous and publicly-favored control of one party. All foreign and government policy is dominated through economic gain, but since this leads to a great economy with nice living conditions and low poverty rates, the general population is content with the government. Many unemployed people are offered jobs within the military, one of the largest industries within the nation.

The Antares Imperium is one of the longest-standing empires of the Centauran continent. The Tau bloodline has sat in power for centuries and has brought the country a renewed period of strength and nationalism. The country is extremely proud of its military strength, and the population is often taught that their people were chosen by gods in the stars. Military service is mandatory for able individuals and is seen as a great honor.

The Yishen Dynasty is an aging empire that has lasted hundreds of years with a government very similar to Antares; they ruled the north of the Centauran continent through long-standing traditions. While not as fanatical as Antares, they still rule with absolute power and are wracked with inner turmoil and protests over an outdated class system and unfair wealth distribution. With very old-school laws and beliefs, they are technologically outmatched by their southern rival but make up for it with the largest population and territory size, as well as friendly relationships with their neighboring states.

The Federation of Ursa has been the long-standing power of northern Hydran. The nation consists of a strong national capital in the continent of Ursa, while maintaining control of the three federal districts: Hydrus, Canis, and Hydra. The districts sit above an extremely large amount of natural resources and minerals, but are mostly closed off to the districts and instead shipped to the mainland. Similarly to Orion, the central government itself is very corrupt, but without a booming economy or military strength, there is nothing for the people to be proud of.

Various other smaller nations exist in DA, but are less significant in scale:

The nations of Corvus, Cetus, Aquila, Vega, and Grusa are a series of independent kingdoms that share similar cultures and values with Antares, although less extreme.

Tucana and Centauri are allies of the Yishen Dynasty, although they serve little real purpose other than a buffer zone from any potential attack coming from the Western Ocean.

Auriga remains a strong and loyal ally to Orion, benefiting from Orion’s booming trade industry and strong military protection from competitors. It is a beautiful country with an agricultural society often used as a target for vacations, yet it has virtually no military other than a defense force and generally maintains good relations with all nations in the world.


As noted before, the timeline of the DEAD AHEAD world does not align with the technological advancements of our real-life timeline.

  • Ironclad warships - 1875
  • Torpedo - 1879
  • Streamlined shells - 1880
  • Bolt-action rifles - 1886
  • Aircraft (limited use; Ursa) - 1900
  • Machine guns - 1901
  • Semi-automatic rifles - 1904
  • Submachine guns - 1907
  • Automatic rifles - 1907
  • “Steelpot” warships (dreadnought equivalent) - 1908
  • Tanks - 1909
  • Aircraft (mass produced) - 1910
  • Submarines (limited use; Ursa) - 1931
  • Radio (limited use) - 1940
  • Radio (mass produced) - 1947
  • Radar (limited use) - 1949
  • Jet engines - 1950
  • Heavy/high-altitude bombers - 1950
  • Radar (mass produced) - 1951
  • “Dreadnought” warships (super-battleships) - 1951
  • Proximity-fuse shells (limited use; Orion) - 1952
  • Earthquake bombs (limited use; Hydrus) - 1954
  • Napalm (limited use; Orion) - 1954
  • White phosphorus (limited use; Antares) - 1954