"Dead Raiser" - GFX

I love the RTHRO package, Armory the Undead Necromancer (Amory the Undead Necromancer - Roblox) so I decided to make a scene! What do you think?


I think it looks pretty nice. maybe turn down the blur affects though

The posing looks a little funny. It could be the Rthro Package having weird joint placements

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this gfx is ok, but there r a few things u could improve on:

  • the background is low quality. if you use photoshop, i would suggest making the background yourself using custom moon n star brushes and then using a soft brush to create the glow.

  • the “magic” looks like it was a mesh you imported to blender?? with magic powers and such, it’s better to use a png instead of trying to render it. you’ll have shadows around the objects and it just won’t look nice when you add a glow around them. i’ve done this too in the past, dont worry!!

  • you shouldnt show the character’s feet when making gfx in this style. it makes the whole thing look nooby unless you know what ur doing. i know u were trying to make them look powerful, but feet should stay hidden if your render doesn’t include a floor.

im loving the reflections and glow detail in the eyes!! i also like how you put purple sparks on top of the character layer as well as around it. it creates a lot of depth. im sure with practice you will get a lot better!! i cant wait to see your next piece

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Hello, thanks for the feedback!
1.) I know the image isn’t the highest quality, but it got like that when it came into the forum. The actual image looks much better, I can assure you.

2.) Yes, the mesh was actually imported into Blender. It came with the avatar I was using so I decided to include it with the render.

3.) I had no idea about the… feet thing.

Again, thanks so much!