Dear ROBLOX, Fix your welds

I’m sure everyone who works with lots of welds has seen this happen. Welds pull other parts with them and cause an unreplicated version of a brick to move incorrectly. I have had a brick attached to the torso move to face up, the entire torso turns to face up. It has no effect on physics or anything, but it looks terrible. Sometimes, welds don’t even update when they should. You set the C0, and only some parts move. I know this is a bug because I had a SurfaceGUI on 2 of those parts, and the SurfaceGUI stayed in place. It’s extremely noticeable here.

I think it’s really important that welds be fixed.


pl0x fix, dis!

+1 fix pls, its good idea

I gotta bump this. This bug is really noticeable and frustrating to have.


Some of the guns I make don’t use Handle parts to weld to the arm so I use a CFrame to set the grip.This has worked until about 2-3 days ago. Now 75% of the time when you get on a game the C1 and C0 cannot be set after the gun is equipped. When is does work, all of the guns work, and when it doesn’t, none of them work. Pretty weird but I bet I could find work around. Not sure if this is the same thing but it should be fixed.

For now you can use a ‘ManualWeld’ instead of a ‘Weld.’

Didn’t work for me. q.q