[Deathrun Map] Desolate Temple 2.0

Hi! I am looking for feedback on my WIP map for Wsly’s and Zomebody’s Deathrun.
I am aware that it lacks invisible walls, those will be added later.

KEEP IN MIND: This is work-in-progress and the last area is not done (Suggestions on what to add in the last area are welcome!!)

What’s this for?

  • It’s a Roblox Deathrun map submission

When will it be done?

  • I’m not sure when, It’s still WIP

  • 6k parts so far


Place link: Deathrun Map: Desolate Temple - Roblox


This is cool, are you doing it for the actual game or was this just a showcase? If its for the game, I can’t wait to play this map in the future.

I am aiming for this to be added in to the game, but the developers need to accept it first (which they might not lol)

What are green lights? That’s a little weird. But other than that, BRUTAL! I love hoping it will be some really good game and bring it to the map

The green lights are beams from the buttons to the traps, it is related to ROBLOX Deathrun and this is a map submission for the game :grin:

Looks GREAT! Maybe add some cacti to do damage? :cactus:

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WOW! This looks really cool! I would love to play this map in a death run game if you decide to implement it into one.

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When will it come out? What is it called?

I am actually done with the layout of the map and currently working on the details and terrain. The map is yet to be accepted by the official Deathrun developers, but they have noticed it and told me to continue working on it. I don’t know when I will be done, but quite soon possibly!


Updated the map a bit, changing colors and some details; feedback is always welcome! :slight_smile:

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Even though i don’t play Deathrun that often, i will love to see your map in the game!


I feel that it is very empty and big, so to fix that you should add some more decorations, but other than that, it is awesome!!!


This looks really cool! The architecture is really complex and it feels like it would fit well for Deathrun!

Just to mention from what I see, this version of the map is abandoned and my friend max is working on v2 of this map.
Basically these pics are outdated now, and to get more information I’d suggest to join deathrun discord.

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Hi everyone! I have updated the post with images of the 2.0 revamp.