Deathrun Season 4 - Changelog

Deathrun just updated and Season 4 is about to begin! Collect Leaves, earn unique limited-time rewards, and enjoy new content and features celebrating the fall season :fallen_leaf::tada:


New Map: Pinewood Hideaway!
In this autumn-themed mad sawmill, everything is out to kill you. From rolling logs to sweeping axes, keep an eye out while running through Pinewood Hideaway built by Sheenyo!

Game Center
Private Server owners now have access to the ‘Game Center’, a control panel where they can choose what map will be played next, and who will be Killer! More commands and features will be added to the game center in future updates.

Map changes
Several maps have received updates. The most noticable of which is ‘Safety First’ which has received 2 new traps to replace the Sawmill trap, which has been missing from the game since it was disabled for being unfair to mobile players.

Other maps have had some minor trap adjustments, and doors have been added throughout the Runner paths in order to balance out how long it takes the Killer to catch up.

Gui Tweaks
A lot of interface elements have been updated to include new functionality, feel better, and be more informative. Highlights are game announcements that are now included in the kill feed, friend join messages in chat, full Gui navigation on Xbox and adjusted Chat on Mobile.

Filipino (Tagalog)
Deathrun is now available fully translated in Filipino! This new addition to the language roster will be permanently maintained, and the team is welcoming suggestions, additions, and corrections to strings in the game if needed.