Debris Service 2

A Debris service module I made since the actual debris service has only one useful function.

Destroys the instance when the time is up

Cancels AddItem

Runs a function when the instance is removed

Also much more precise than actual debris service.
This is my first devforum post, hope someone finds this useful.


@szn_dev , welcome to the Forums and good job on your first post so far very interesting resource!

it is very similar to Debris2 though

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Thanks, in my opinion the one you made is a little over engineered, and it makes a new heartbeat connection every time an item is added which is one of the reason I decided to make this. However yours does have cool functions that mine doesn’t have like being able to add an array of items.

can you post the source to the module and example usage? I’m on mobile so I can’t check myself at the moment