Debruben's Cafe [Sci-Fi, Low Poly]

Hello and welcome to Debruben’s Cafe! This project was a simple one day project, it isn’t much but some people do say it’s very cozy. It was created on December 16th.

How it was made

Ok so I got bored and wanted to do something (school was canceled for the day due to snow), I realized it was snowing outside and I felt nice and cozy in my chair so I thought of remaking my first project that was Debruben’s Cafe v1. The comparison between the two projects shows my progress through development over the year from when I first started developing , overall I never would of guessed how far I would get into developing and man am I proud of myself. here’s a Sneak Peak.



Feel free to check out my other showcases!


You reminded me of the first part of the movie mandalorian in star wars disney!

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Tbh, you can make more changes base of that, and you will be garenteed with a lot of money

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I already have a good showcase, this was just a simple build because I was bored.

I see, looks pretty cool! I love the creation.

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Thanks! I am looking forward to making some showcases kind of similar to my Alone showcase. Feel free to check them out in my creations.

Will do, welcome, keep up the hard work!

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