Debug library members missing documentation

The documentation of this page does not currently include setmemorycategory/resetmemorycategory from the memory use tracking update. Additionally, has no documentation.


yep, however it is documented in studio (some)
i’m gonna leave these here if you’re interested

debug.loadmodule(module: ModuleScript) → (()->() | nil)

// Returns ModuleScript’s executable closure that is ran on require.
P.S. (This is what I realized from testing)

debug.resetmemorycategory() → ()

// Resets the memory category tag of the current thread to the default auto-assigned tag that was based on script name.

debug.setmemorycategory() → ()

// Sets the memory category tag of the current thread. Future allocations performed by this thread will use this tag.

debug.dumpheap() → ()

// Can only be called from CommandBar. Saves a Luau heap to a (luauheap_%Y%m%d-%H%M%S.json) file.
P.S. (Found this in a Studio dump after searching for a bit)


Unsure when this happened, but it appears to now be somewhat documented. At long last, methods can actually be used without extensive testing to determine how they work!

Edit: Changed fully to somewhat, at least we have now!


I marked this as the solution but I checked and setmemorycategory still doesn’t exist on the page so I unmarked it. My primary request revolved around the memory debug members and then I only found out later that existed so edited it into the post.

It’s awesome that now has documentation though. :sunglasses:


Because they don’t have separate pages it seems to have caused the new release notes to link to a random website called

Standard libraries normally aren’t separated by their constants or methods so I’d wager this has more to do with the Release Notes generator. You can leave a message on the thread itself and a member of IX should be able to correct that so it points to the main page instead.

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