Debug Supporting Module

I created a module script that does debug stuff, especially and usually for things that you cannot see normally such as rays and region3s.

  • Added function that tests two Vector3 points if they are correctly made for a Region3 within order min < max

Debugger.lua (9.4 KB)

I have not tested some of it but it should theoretically work without problems, let me know if you guys like it. Any suggestions are welcome. It’s not a community resource labelled module since I don’t think most people will want to use this.

There is no table printing feature of the module as now the new output can support table printing. You can use repr made by Ozzypig if you aren’t using the new output.

What can you do with this module?

  • Raycast debug by creating a part that represents the length of the raycast.
  • Region3 box and points visualization debug (creates a part that represents box/points)
  • Tests if your specified Vector3 points for Region3 was made correctly (min < max)
  • Set all non-visible attachments in Workspace to visible

It’s not very substantial but can be useful if you don’t want to have to code it in and is meant to debug things you can’t see to things you can see clearly.

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