Debug Visualization Toggles in the Developer Console

Hi Creators,

We’ve added a new tab to the Developer Console that allows players with manage permissions to run various Physics Debug Visualizations that were previously only available within the studio settings menu. This means that accessing debug visualizations in-studio is now easier while in Play mode, and now usable in-client.

This update does not come with any changes to the debug visualizations. However, we are looking to improve debug visualizations and make more of them accessible within the client to enhance your development experience in the future.

For a quick refresher on the Developer Console, or more information on various physics debug visualizations please visit our documentation site.

We hope that adding these tools to the client makes it easier for you to maintain and improve your experiences, and as always you are encouraged to leave your questions and feedback down below.

Thank you!


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This is great! Another Studio visualization I’d love in the client is showing the PathfindingService navigation mesh.


In case anyone comments on some of the weird PhysicsSettings documentation, just know I was the one who wrote some of these crufty descriptions back when I was 16 or 17 :sweat_smile:

I documented these as niche research back when the documentation was a volunteer contributed wiki. I’m surprised to see these specific settings exposed to the developer console.

Hoping to see more in the future though!

Also these color tables seem to be broken and out of date since they were based on the old spring physics solver:


How about a debug visualization on raycast?


Wouldn’t an option to view unanchored parts be a lot more useful than viewing anchored parts? Having a toggle for DrawOnTop would be another useful configuration for the menu as well, similar to the “Show Constrant Details” button in Studio.


I’ve noticed a bug,
this doesn’t turn off in games you aren’t a developer in , for example, me in parkour run


The same thing is if you leave them enabled in your game, for example, I went into the “pls donate” game and there was the same as yours


this will help a LOTTTT with debuging. Thank you roblox for this amazing update

(Roblox redemption arc)


Thank you for finding this, we’re now looking into it.


I would also like it if there was a way to visualize raycasts, because it gets annoying when I have to create parts to show raycasts every time I make a new project involving them.


Yeah - I saw that a while ago.


this is awesome helped me make my ai better

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