Debugging problem

So im up at midnight (if you wanted to know) and os.clock is broken maybe
So basically i have a script that constantly prints os.clock() and it should be relative to real world time but the text in the middle that says 8.999… is the difference between the current one and the previous tracked one meaning the one in the middle should be a really small number.
Heres the script that does it
Hope someone might heelp

I don’t really understand what you want to do. Everything works correctly, since very very little time is spent processing the code between start and print.

It is a really small number. When you see an “e” in a number, it means that the one you see is not the real number, just a simplified form.

For example, 1e5 means that it’s a number with 5 digits that starts with 1 (100000), 2.7e8 means it’s an 8-digit number that starts with 2.7 (270000000) and so on. The number after the e represents how many digits there are before the decimal point. Meaning, if there’s a negative number after the e, there are numbers after the decimal point. For example, 5e-4 means a number with 4 digits after the decimal point and ends with 5 (0.0005).

So when you see 8.9999e-7 it actually is 0.00000089999, which is a really small number.

More advanced terms: let’s say you have XeY, the real value of that is X * 10^Y (X multiplied by 10 to the power of Y).


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