DecaDev is looking for advanced scripters!


About Us

Welcome! We’re a small studio that already has a few projects running through the mill, and we’re looking for more excellent minds who share our passion to bring high-quality assets to low-budget devs.

How Teams Work
Each team is assigned a number of projects, which they will be responsible for building, optimizing, and releasing. We assign certain people to certain teams to allow for the most efficient production while causing the least conflict between developers. Once a project is released, the team is only responsible for updates and bug fixes, and then our support team will handle the community support side of things, where if something they need help with comes up, we can offer it to them.

Teams also get the ability to control how much each member of their team gets paid. Each team receives 90% of the profits gained by the projects they manage, and it is up to the team to decide how the profits are shared.

To see what we currently are working on, check out our to-do list.

About The Job

Devs work on their own time over the weeks, although we do expect a minimum of 5 hours every 2 weeks of development. This is possible via the commission system, where teams payout to devs based on how much they work.


We are paying commissions for each asset. All payments come in the form of R$. We don’t run on contracts just yet, but will probably expand into them in the very near future. All people who apply must be 16 years or older.

Contact Us

You can contact us via the discord (In: #work-with-us).

Hope we can work together soon! :+1:

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