Decal for my game!

Greetings! I would like some feedback on my art. Any feedback is welcomed! Rate out of the structure, color, and presentation! Thank you.

This will be used as a decal for my game. Any tips on how to color shirts, via; wrinkles and such?
About the character;
Name: Candy Pop
Origine: DanceOfAngels
Why this character?: I am making a creepypasta Role Play game and thought I might put time and effort into it, and I don’t want copyright claims for “stealing” art.
Non the less, I thank you for your time, and feedback assuming you did comment, on that note, have a very great rest of your day/night!


Looks pretty good, maybe blur the hair and the background a little bit less, but overall I like it.

Its pretty good but i think the space between her eyes and her mouth is a little too close. Just change that and make the head a little less football shaped and you will be good.