Decal Image quality not what I expected

This is how it’s supposed to look;

And this is how it looks;

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I don’t know what to tell you. Sometimes Roblox just screws up. If I were you, I would spam Roblox with emails containing only the first picture. That is sure to help you get it how you want.

When making decals for Roblox that are to be placed on other parts, ensure that you remove any weird pixelized sports such as around the eyes, keep everything simple colored, and maybe if you have time turn it into a vector file.

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The way Roblox Decals work is, its 3-dimensional, meaning that not all in the decal will look like that on the object. A solution is editing the face decal, adjust the eyes, etc… If we’re talking about the graphics, such as the eyes (it’s red instead of white), I don’t have a solution on that. If the eyes has invisible background (the white color isn’t solid white, like you didn’t colored it), maybe remove that, it might fix your graphics problem.