Decal is cut because of union's faces

Can i fix the problem that my decal is cut because of the faces of my union

Capture d’écran 2024-04-14 105729
This is the back face

This is the top face

I want to make the decal fit and not being cut on the union, can somebody help me ? I’ll will look oftenly the Topic.

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You can remap the decal. But Im not sure try checking it on google.

I can’t find how to remap decal, even by searching on the Dev Forum

This may have the right answer for it:How can i make the texture change angle? - #4 by efsane14010

But on the topic, it’s a texture not a decal, what i’m trying to do is to make the texture fit entirely on the Union, but roblox considers the cut part is the top face of the Union, and the part where the decal is on the first image is the Back face

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It should fit on the union if you make make the original image smaller in an image editing program

The size is correct, I don’t want to change it, but Roblox considers that half of the place where I want my union to be is the Top face while the other is the Back face, and I want the decal to be at this size without being cut because of the Faces

This is the normal image that should be on the union

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Another reason to use Blender instead of unions, learn to use Blender, might be the hardest way to go about this but the most fruitful, you won’t regret it. Create a mesh of this in blender and simply use Blender’s UV editing tools to remap the texture.

My friend just found a way to do that, by rotating the square that cuts the union.

You have to rotate the decal before doing the union.

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