Decal isn't loading

Hey! I’ve been trying to make a flipbook for an animated particle, I resized my .PNG to 1024x1024 so it would fit perfectly and all of that. I tried to upload the image directly from particle emitter properties tab a couple times (tried different names) but it would always fail to upload. Then I decided to do it from Roblox website (from Develop/Create) and it was successfully uploaded, also found out that all of the previous “failed” attempts to upload the same image from Roblox Studio were actually also successful.

The issue is: none of those decals would load as a particle emitter texture or decal texture or anything at all. I already tried to restart Roblox Studio (I’ve read about it on DevForum), so what should I do now? All of those decals are completely visible on Roblox website (from Inventory), so I think it may be a Roblox Studio bug.

UPDATE: tried to select any decal (using Inventory ID) and it doesn’t seem to work either (even the old ones, which are from months ago and used to work just fine), it only works if I choose a decal that is available in properties tab (I’ll attach an image to show you what I mean).

Thank you for reading!