Decal moderation issue

My decal has been uploaded 5 times now (1 time in my alt account) and Roblox still has not accepted it.


Seems normal right?

I have submitted a ticket and they have not responded for 8 hours now.

I can’t submit a post in bug reports because I don’t know how.

I am very infuriated.

I Don’t See Anything Wrong With It. Same Goes With Me If I Try To Upload A Thumbnail It Warns Me.

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You could upload it in 2 or 4 pieces, if that doesn’t work wait for support to answer your ticket.

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I did try that multiple times and it did not work.

I’m very impatient and they have not responded for over 8 hours now.

But thanks for responding!

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Pretty sure the asset moderation is under maintenance or is down at the moment then.

Another possibility could be that it looks like the n*zi logo, but rounded


You can’t upload the same image again when the last one has been moderated. You need to edit it somehow and try again.

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Please message the Moderation Review Requests group for issues relating to assets you believe are being incorrectly moderated and they will have a second review of your asset. Include a link to the moderated asset on the website for said request. If it’s fine for the website they will approve the image and it should show up on the site shortly after.

Here’s the link to what @colbert2677 is talking about:
It’s really hard to find for some reason. I only know how to get to it because I have it bookmarked. If I lost that bookmark then I would probably never find it again

maybe because it’s pretty similar to n*zi symbol?