Decal not loading in error?

I have a pet system that when the player equips the pet the pet is moved into into the workspace from a folder in the replicatedstorage. however, when the pet is moved, the decal does not load?

Is this a roblox error or am i missing something?

Could you maybe try to set the decal’s id in the server maybe that would work

Also I don’t recommend disabling and enabling scripts it’s kind of a bad habit, the scripts don’t run in replicated storage in the first place so I don’t think you need this line

scriptpet.Disable = false

Didn’t work, and getting rid of that line just made the pet not follow me.

Interesting, sorry for my bad advise
Maybe the script didn’t work is because in ReplicatedStorage it’s Disable = true

Ah yes you were right about the script, and it’s alright. thank you for mentioning the other thing to me though :slight_smile: