Decal not showing up on my mesh

I imported a mesh and created a UV map (3d decal) for the mesh but it’s not showing up on my mesh. The decal seems to have uploaded to Roblox but will not show onto the 3d mesh.

Any ideas on why it’s not working?

I’ve ran into this problem before. It’s the way you exported the mesh. What program did you make that in?

I didn’t actually make the mesh myself but found a 3d model online with an obj file. but I used blender to make the UV map

Make sure the decal is in the TextureID field of the mesh. If it is your image may not be saved properly. I would recommend adding the texture to the mesh in blender and exporting the object as an .FBX file. Then import it using the Game Editor in studio.

PS. If you are using the roblox beta Asset manager then use that instead.

thanks that worked perfectly