Decal On Surface

hello, I’m Zdevz12
since I didn’t find any module that will actually work on this. I got the source code of a plugin that did the same thing and totally modified it so that we can all use it.

basically projects an image to a part with position.

How does it work?

within the module you will insert folders, these folders will serve to insert the ID of your image and choose a random One.

The selected image will be automatically created and positioned with the size you give it.

How do I define the size?

within each image you will put the size you would like it to have, each image will have an int value called size. this is so that if an image is bigger than it should be and you don’t want to make them all smaller.

local module = require(modules.DecalSurface)
--Change "BulletHoles" to the name of your folder.
--you can make a raycast to get the normal, pos and hitpart.
--That's all.

–The module is public and is prepared with a couple of folders to serve as an example. –

crédits: @edenojack
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There should have been parameters within the module that specify the size you can use, PicSize and CanSize (Picture and Canvas size) if I remember right.

If you look in the MakeDecalOnSurface function, there should be the option to alter the size within the function itself. If there isn’t a variable in the function call itself, it shouldn’t be too hard to just alter the code.

While I’m more than happy for my work to be used, releasing the module as a model will just lead to this not being credited further. I’ve already found it being used in games that are large enough to warrant a credit.

Thank you, however I wanted to make this as simple as possible and not bother people about what the scales are. with the size is enough, if someone wants to edit something then they will do it or ask around here.
You are a good programmer, I have already seen your videos.

Your kind of simplicity is a lose lose situation. No one gains from the module being this simple.

The code is simple, you can set the size and IDs without even opening the script, if someone wants to modify it then there will be. after all, it is opensource

Yep, again, it’s not open sourced, it was uploaded as a plugin before there were protections for the code within it.

Thank you a lot! I’m currently using this for my blood system

This worked perfectly thank you!