Decal on tool not working

Heya, (I believe this is the right category, apologies if not).

I am having some trouble with my tools. I want to have a decal on the handle of my tool but when I equip the tool the decal is removed? Is there anyway I can make it so the decal stays on it? Reference below of what it should look like and what not.
Passport1 Passport2

Thank you all for your help. :slight_smile:

Is this an issue with the Decal or the Tool Grip? Try using the Tool Grip Editor plugin and play around. If the Decal wasn’t to be loading, there would be an error in the Output box, hence why I think it’s the grip.

Its the actual decal not welding to the tool, but thank you anyways! :smiley:

Does your tool have a part called Handle in it?
If it does, use a plugin, like weld editor by OzzyPig to join the part that the decal is on to the handle.

I have tried with the plugin and it didn’t put any welds in.

You didn’t do it correctly.
Add a new part inside your tool, and position it so It looks like the decal is on the handle. You can set the transparency to 1. Then, select the Handle and the part with the decal, and press the WELD ALL Button on the plugin.


It worked! Thank you so much for your help :smiley: