Decal Overlapping Bug

As seen in the image above, the decals on these blocks appear to be overlapping when looked at from certain angles. I am unsure if this happens for textures as well. I’m using the new baseplate, with all settings set to default. I am unsure why this is happening. The closer or farther you are, the more noticeable it becomes. If anyone knows a fix, please let me know.

Not totally sure what this is supposed to look like normally considering the way the textures look, but I’m assuming you mean what I think you mean when you say they’re “overlapping”.
To deal with that, you can change the decals to a SurfaceGui and tweak their ZIndex so the image you want always stays on top.

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Well, I’m making a game that uses old Roblox textures. While building, I noticed they overlapped over each other, despite the fact they weren’t even touching each other.
I will try your suggestion though.

If what you’re implying is that the grey cube on the right is actually supposed to be behind the cube on the left, then the only reason this could be happening is that you might have the cubes transparency set slightly higher than 0. Double check to see if they have any transparency, if they do then set them to 0.

If you need the transparency for some reason then instead of using Decals, Textures, or a MeshPart’s Meshid, use the new instance called “SurfaceAppearance”, put your texture ID in the “ColorMap” property and set the “AlphaMode” to "Transparency ", this would fix any transparency issues but I also want to remind you that it forces the material to look like “SmoothPlastic”, giving the texture the same shine it would if it were using the SmoothPlastic material.

That is what I’m implying. All the decals of a transparency of 0. I’m not sure what could be causing this honestly.

What about the parts transparency?