Decal Rotation?

I was wondering, why isn’t there an option to rotate a decal? Maybe this could be a feature that can be added in the future?


Are you asking for 90o rotations or any angle? I don’t see why we couldn’t 90o rotations unless there was a performance issue.


90 degrees increments would be great, but any angle would be perfect. It’s most useful for 90 degrees because of the whole cylinder thing as well.

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You can change decals 90 degree using the material flip plugin, but that’s about it (and it doesn’t work on all parts)


The only problem with non 90-degree increments would be image borders not pairing with part borders. And how would this work on rectangular parts?

I guess the decal would just stretch to fit the new dimensions.


Okay I’ll ask the obvious. Why not just rotate the part the decal is on?

Sometimes that is simply not an option.


That seems like a bug though

Why don’t decals just have all the options that an ImageLabel has? Honestly, it would be awesome if Decals & Textures could have these options so we wouldn’t need to re-upload new images for decals.


What are the use cases for this? I don’t think in my 7+ years of making games on ROBLOX I’ve ever wanted to do this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What were you trying to do that you ended up getting blocked on?

Yeah, I haven’t ever come across a need for dynamically rotating 3D textures (I can always rotate them in an image editor before uploading). I think this thread was spurred from: Why are decals on the back face of cylinders rotated 180 degrees?

There is really no real need for it, I just thought it would be a good feature and may be useful at some point.