Decal thumbnails are not loading properly en-masse on the website

When I go to my decals (any), I click the decal and the thumbnail will never load on the website and is stuck on the loading widget.

Notably, all of the affected users (that I have seen this happen to in their inventories) are currently enrolled in the Beta program.

What I see when I look at the asset page of a decal I uploaded (GIF)

Repro cases

This happens to the thumbnails of all the Decals that I uploaded (

Some other users that I have noticed this happening to:

Details of asset thumbnails for Decals not loading for above users (images/text)

EDIT: Right after I took the screenshot above, the image with the name “I <3 Bakiez” loaded. I think this might of happened due to it being in someone else inventory (that was not on the beta enrollment).

In the image above, all decals load bar two of them. I believe that image #1 is the only one off-sale, supporting the theory that images load when in someone else’s inventory only. I believe image #2 is not in someone else’s inventory. I believe the rest of all the images are in someone else’s inventory.

As you can see above, Ap_inity has of their images offsale and only two did load (for some reason).

Step to reproduce

To the best of my knowledge I and everyone listed in this post are on the Beta program.

Develop page repro steps:

  1. Go to Decals on the Develop page (
  2. Find a Decal that is off-sale, or has been put on sale but has not been taken by anyone (0 takes)
  3. Observe the asset thumbnail

Inventory repro steps:

  1. Go to Decals in your inventory (!/decals)
  2. Observe the asset thumbnails

Note: For the second set of steps, you can do it with someone else’s inventory, as long as they are on the Beta program and you have permission to view their inventory.

Additional information

The issue occurs 100% of the time across all devices on the main Roblox website.

It also occurs on mobile (image)

Result from @JustBillyH

I first noticed the bug three days ago (25th of May), but it probably has been occurring for myself from the 24th of May, since that was when I was added to the Beta program. All users that I have seen this occur to are in the Beta program.

It seems that any images that are off-sale (apart from one or two, but could be because someone took one then it was taken off-sale) would not load, and any images that were on sale and had been “taken” were appearing. The images that did load on my profile after a while have had sales.


I’m unsure if this is related but it’s also happening en masse with decals, even ones that were made prior. It’s been happening for almost a week now and has progressively gotten worse.


exactly what is happening to me-- and I really need to see my items…

Happening here too, this has completely hidden decals in inventories

Same, can’t see any of my decals. This really needs looking into as it’s been happening for a week now, though I don’t believe it’s classed as critical.

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We’re trying to improve thumbnail performance and made a change for decals recently. We’ll investigate this issue and provide a fix soon.


We shipped a fix and Decal thumbnails should now start appearing.