Decals and Textures should have spritesheet capabilities (ImageRectOffset/ImageRectSize)

I have a major improvement suggestion: being able to cut up decals and textures with ImageRectOffset and ImageRectSize. It’s already partially implemented in-game through ImageLabels, but for some reason Decals and Textures don’t have it, and it’s SERIOUSLY hampering the progress of some things I’d like to do.

So, is there a specific reason why Decals and Textures don’t have the wonderful properties of ImageRectOffset and ImageRectSize, so that I can divide up one big texture over all of a model, instead of needing hundreds of little textures?

And while a lot less necessary, the ability to rotate or flip decals, even just by 90 degrees at a time or flipped upside down, would make it a lot easier, too. We would be able to have a texture that is upside down on the image be flipped right-side up on the decal, so that there would be more room between the parts of the texture for other things.

I posted this originally as a second-page reply to another thread, but I think it is different and large enough to deserve its own thread.


Vvat is a spritesheet? Someone fill me in pls it sounds helpful

I saw on the Rbxdev group that “spritesheets” are now possible, what/how?

[quote] Vvat is a spritesheet? Someone fill me in pls it sounds helpful

I saw on the Rbxdev group that “spritesheets” are now possible, what/how? [/quote]

This is one:

It’s when you have one large image file, or sheet, that is chopped up into smaller images, or sprites.

And best I can tell, the group was talking about sounds, being able to link multiple short sounds together in one file now and then play each one separately by setting the time and length.

It’s like meshes taken the template, were you "open up the mesh and put it flat on the ground. Like Shirts and pants templates.

Yes I want to have spritesheets that don’t glow on my custom particles :frowning:

Another super-helpful thing would be having the ability SpecialMeshes have of tinting the texture different colors of red, green, and blue. Then I would be able to have EA Sports-style customizable cars: pick a paint scheme, pick any color at all for the different layers.

Here is an example of the sort of texturing that could be done MUCH easier with this feature.

< broken image redacted >

That is chopped up until 12 decals. There also will need to be 12 for the other side, 2 for the rear, 2 for the front, 3 for the top, and 10 for the canopy that I have ignored. So that’s 41 decals… (not mentioning up to 4 for tires…) but it all fits on this one 1024x1024 sheet that could be uploaded as 1 decal:

< broken image redacted >

Looks cool.

I also totally support this because it would allow me to create smokestacks with never ending plumes of smoke, I could even make sandstorm, looping lighting effects, and custom water, and we’ll so many good things.

I’d have a lot of nice uses for this. Kind of surprised we don’t have this yet.

I agree this would also help with union texturing.

ImageRectOffset and ImageRectSize is currently available with SurfaceGui’s and ImageLabels. However, many people want to do something with curved-based elements (such as curved stage screens, technology-based stuff, etc.) without using multiple SurfaceGui’s and tens or hundreds of decals (which also don’t load in properly AND are laggy unless there’s a scripted preloader).

Is there a reason why this hasn’t been implemented yet and if so, why?
I don’t think there should be any reason stopping this from becoming a feature as Textures wrap around objects/unions with actual ability to scale into even smaller bits.