Decals appearing black in edit mode but normal in test mode?


So I just hopped on Roblox studio this morning and noticed that all decals appeared black in edit mode? This wasn’t happening yesterday which I’m very confused about now. I tried reopening Roblox studio to see if it was maybe some bug that time but nope, same results. The strange thing is that whenever I test the game, it looks normal again. The second I’m back in edit mode though it looks black.


In edit mode

In test mode

In edit mode

In test mode

(You get it).

Does it have to do with the lighting now or something? This wasn’t happening yesterday.


You probably have your Graphics Quality different on Studio and while testing.

I doubt it, my settings were the same as yesterdays and was experiencing no issues with them until now for some reason.

Have you checked since yesteryday?

What do you mean? Yeah my settings have always been the same and never had an issue until recently.

3 days later and it fixed itself? I guess it was just a temporary bug.