Decals are not following their parent part after today's update

This bug just appeared in our game as we were preparing to ship an update. It appeared immediately after today’s client update.

Our eyes no longer follow the faces of the avatars, despite the part moving with the avatar.
Updating the transparency of the parent part will make the decals update, but they remain frozen in that position again.

Edit: Unrelated to root being anchored. Seems to be when the part stops moving.


Do you happen to perform animations locally on the clients and the server doesn’t do animations?

I’m having this same issue, but its a Weld that is not updating the position of it’s Part1 when the Part0 is moved locally (via Transform being set).

Example: This small grey cube is Part0(normally not visible)

Here is me running around with the ball (Part1, welded to Part0 via a weld) using Roblox Animations:

Now here is me doing a pitching animation which is performed locally by setting the Transform Property of Motor6D’s, while the Server model is a stationary character doing no animations:

Notice that the ball just stays in place and doesn’t follow its Part0.

Here is another shot where I step off the mound and the ball starts to update again correctly:

This all started happening with the recent update like an hour ago.
Link to game:

Yep, these are animations being run on the client
Our face is attached using both a Motor6D and WeldConstraint (as it uses 2 separate parts) so not sure which would impact it.

The change that I believe to be the cause of this has been reverted. Let me know if its working as expected now!


Yep this fixed the issue!