Decals become invisible when their parent part is dropped under a group

So I’m making a livery for an aircraft for my airline, and I’m working on the branding text on the side:

Now the 2 parts (one is out of view) are children of the workspace. When I drag in into one of the groups under the aircraft, they magically disappear. Observe:

See how I'm dragging the two parts under a group inside of the aircraft, and the decals just decide to pull a Houdini.

This is really annoying, I don’t know what’s going on.

  • Decal transparency does not change.
  • I can put the same decal under every other part in the group except for these two parts.

Please reply if you have a suggestion. Thanks.

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Make sure the decal is still on the correct face. I don’t see how this could change but, try changing the face setting and see if that works. If that does not work try leaving studio and reloading.

If that does not work then I have no idea

I’ve tried restarting studio. I’ve tried changing the faces. No clue how to fix it.

Roblox Studio is an utter failure of a game development program.

Roblox has problems, but it’s not an utter failure. If you hate it so much, move on and quit Roblox development don’t keep doing what is bad for you. Programs are going to have glitches/bugs no matter the program being used. You could always post a bug report on the forums if you think it is a glitch/bug. That would be in category #platform-feedback:engine-bugs


I’m having trouble replicating your issue:

I put a generic decal on a Union and moved it from the Workspace to a model, very similar to what you showed in your gif. It really is an odd issue, and I’d like to help you as much as I can.

Can you provide more info on any scripts, other objects, etc, that are in the Unions, or in the model? I will also add that Unions themselves are really nasty to work with in all manners on development, and it could just be another case of “Unions suck.”

Well, like I said before, I can place the decal on every other part in the group except for the 2 parts I want to put the decal on. I was able to put 2 decals on the tail, which was also under the same group, and that had no problems.