Decals glitching out


First question:
I made these realistic tress using mesh from blender for branches and decals 45° rotated from each other.
When camera is not moving it looks perfect:

Howerver when camera start moving decals start doing this:

Is there any way to fix this?

Second question:
When i move tree close to another decal (but not directly in it or behind it) this start’s happening at certain angles:

From another angle it works just fine:

Is there any way around this?


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Tryed doing the decals in blender, crashed my studio.

Making parts visible fixes it but that defeats whole pupose

This is normal with decal trees, as this is something you can’t just fix. But if you make a tree with just parts you won’t have this problem (Obviously).

If you were to search up a “Decal Tree” in the Model section they all act the exact same way just cause they are on a flat surface and are see through and to were the parts are thin.

There is no way to sadly avoid this with Decal Trees, this has been a problem since I became a developer and if you wish for this to not happen I would just say to make a actual tree. As there is no way to prevent this sadly. Sorry.

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As StompyDonut426 said. There’s no way you could fix this issue.

What you could do instead, is make some 3D trees in blender. If you decide to take this approach, I suggest using boatbomber’s wind shake module (no fps loss): Wind Shake: High performance wind effect for leaves and foliage