Decals on parts that are behind other parts get put in front?

So, i’m putting together some images in studio, using parts with decals. I don’t really know how to explain, so i’ll just use pictures. This is how it looks at some angles:

But other times, it will just look like this…
You can see that lower parts are in front of the backing ones…

So why are they glitching out like that? Is there a way to fix this? I’ve already tried messing with zindex and stuff.

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How far apart are the 2 surfaces? Sometimes increasing the distance they are apart by a few 1000ths of a stud.
Decals tend to have bigger issues with z-fighting than Parts do.
They appear to be .png files. The transparency property of those files may have something to do with it as well since items with transparency often flicker behind other items with transparency.

I don’t think Roblox has a z-buffer on transparent parts. Even your chat can go underwater!

sorry i was at school, yeah they are all pngs. it’s even a bigger issue once i’ve assembled them and fully completed the model:

Seperating them by a few 1000ths feels like it would be awkward… I’ve tried almost everything related to images that I know, is there no better solution?

Seriously?! No Z-Buffer? If the n64 had it but ROBLOX doesn’t, they’re doing something wrong. I might have to put this in a bug report or feature request.