Decided this SCP Ford Taurus was too cool not to post

What is this?

This is an SCP foundation vehicle that I designed because I realized there aren’t a lot of good vehicle references liveries regarding the SCP foundation so I used my skills and made one!
Why this took forever
I spent around, “4 months.” Because while I was designing the livery my laptop literally caught on fire, I finally finished it today because I got a new pc about a week ago!


Q: “Does it have working sirens and lights?”

A: Yep I made the ELS pattern and script myself and I reprogrammed the car mostly!

Q: “What game is this for, if any?”

A: This is for Mill Coast County this is basically a meme team that my friends and I can use!

Final notes

If you have any comments or constructive criticisms, please feel free to tell me!
Do note that FOXTROT-82 does not exist in the SCP universe, it is a personal creation



Thanks for looking! :smile:

Oh and if you have any ideas for more SCP cars, please tell me what cars!


does this model have doors that you can open?

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Yes, yes it does. Though I don’t sell my models I just use them for screenshots or in-game prop design!

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