Deciding a gameplay feature for my RPG game

So, I recently finished working on a new region for my RPG game called “Relics” and I’m a little stumped on which of these options I should go for in terms of getting to this region. (You’ll need to activate a portal to get to this region)

  • Traveler NPC (Use Orbs to open a portal)
  • Interactive Quest (Going around the world and activating components to open a portal)
  • Killing a certain creature (Killing this creature will drop an item which you can use to open a portal)

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Here’s how the portal looks like:

Here’s how the new region looks like:

Feel free to comment any other suggestions if you’d like!


Maybe add quests that lead you to a creature that you have to kill that will drop an item you have to take to the NPC and other items scattered around the world and then the NPC opens the portal

put everything together

And by the way could you add a All of them option in the poll?

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