Decimal Robux should be accounted for, not discarded

Right now, Roblox rounds down your Robux after the 70% sales tax is applied.

Say for example, if you sell something for 27 Robux:

27 * 70% = 18.9 Robux.

However, rather than storing the .9 Robux, it is completely discarded, meaning you only get 18 Robux. This may seem minuscule, and on it’s own, it is. But keep in mind after a large amount of sales this number of discarded robux slowly creeps upwards.

Let’s say you sell a developer product for 5 Robux.

5 * 70% = 3.5 Robux.

Once again, the decimal Robux is discarded and you only get 3 Robux. In this case, as the Robux transaction is small, you’re losing 2 out of 5 Robux, which actually equates to a 40% sales tax, not 30%.

Let’s say you sold a 5 Robux developer product 10,000 times.

At the current rate (where you’re actually get 60%), you get:
(5 * 10,000) * 60% = 30,000 Robux

At the true rate that it should actually be (70%)
(5 * 10,000) * 70% = 35,000 Robux

Clearly 35,000 - 30,000 = 5,000 Robux.

So 5,000 Robux (Which equates to $17.50 in Dev Ex rates) goes completely unaccounted for in this example. This loss can be even more extreme depending on how much of the decimal Robux is lost and your total sales volume. (In this case it’s 0.5 Robux per transaction being lost 10,000 times).

Losses to the developer can range from 0 Robux to 9,999 Robux ($0 - $35) per 10,000 sales.

I propose that decimal Robux be accounted for, and carried on every time a transaction is made, and then added to the user’s account once it reaches a whole number, rather than discarded and taken from the developer. The tax rate is 30%, and it should remain consistent across all sales.


Totally agree. We realised we were losing thousands in our game and had to reprice all of our products (and remove some low value ones) such that every purchase leads to a whole value post-tax.


It’s my understanding this already happens behind the scenes, but I could be wrong on that. If that’s not already the case, it definitely should be, as with cheap products especially you could lose a large portion of revenue.

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I don’t think it does, but if that is the case they should make that more obvious by having occasional entries in the transaction log like

Rounding error accounting … … … … … … R$ 1

I was wrong but I did remember the discussion.
That is Merely’s response.

Tested it buy buying two 5 robux shirts in a group, got 6 robux credited to the group

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Unless it changed since ever, it rounds to the nearest whole. which is why I sell things for 4 or 8 robux and only get a 25% tax.


So I was right then (sorta anyway), thought that was the case. I remember it being discussed a lot years back.

Hmm, I tested a while ago. I’m going to test again and see if this is still the case.

I don’t think their opinion of this has changed because taking dev’s decimal’d Robux “works”