Decimals in Like/Dislike Ratio

As a Roblox Developer it is currently hard to see your exact Like/Dislike ratio. Yes, you can see whole number, but adding decimals would make it more clear.

I know you can still count it and get the exact percentage, but it would be much easier for Developers and even for Players, to see the exact current % directly on the website.

Developers could start doing events such as; “New code will be added at 80% rating”. It could be currently done by calculating the number, but it is hard to tell how far the current rating is from the wanted rating.

I know there are some extensions for it on the Chrome Extension Market. But sadly, people using other browser, such as Safari – cannot download & use this extension.


Although this would be a great built-in analytical feature, there are already many sites which can track the exact ratio. I believe by @SteadyOn has this capability.


Yes I know, you can count it yourself as well. It is not hard at all.

But still having it as built-in feature would be way easier and better. :wink:

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Roblox obviously wants to be as simple as possible so the younger users can understand. Some younger players simply might not understand what a decimal is so if a game has a rating of “89.6%” a child might think it is rated at “896%” so I think this feature would be to confusing.

This could be toggled in settings to avoid confusion.

What’s the point then? If it is able to be toggled in settings literally every other user not in the developer forums will be oblivious to the feature and probably won’t find out, since the update is not really that significant.

I am guessing the feature would also be toggled off by default because of the confusion piece I mentioned earlier. One potential solution would be to have it off by default for <13 users and on by default for >13 users. However this would be judging the ability to understand numbers based off age and this shouldn’t be done. This feature honestly can just be added with a plugin, although I do understand the appeal.

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